Summer summer summer time……

6 months is too long for an update into DJ Chimpy and although it was a typical quiet start to the year, my first gig in January was quite a cold affair held in Mayford village hall just outside Woking.  As it wasn’t a wedding, I wore shorts as usual, but I didn’t get too cold as I was on the move both for setting up and behind the decks, the event was a success and I got a number of compliments.   My next instalment was held in a lovey venue next to Brixton prison and just to make things a little interesting, I tagged myself there which caused a bit of a stir “what have you done now” springs to mind.  I was a little pushed for space, so I used my T stand rather than the larger one that I use, it doesn’t make too much different in terms of set up time, but it is a lot easier to dismantle when it comes to packing up and heading off home, DJ Day Q who passed me the gig received a number of good comments which as I have mentioned before is very satisfying.


I had a couple of bookings this year from Stoughton infant school, I only play for an hour, but the kids really enjoy it and I always hear lots of singing and arms waving around.  Either side of this events, I have also been to Purley Walcountians Hockey Club and got a little lost on the way home plus I went to Farnborough to provide the music for TK max’s regional party who loved a good dance, it was just a shame that I had to finish at 1am, we could have gone on for a couple more hours at least.

My next event was in central London, I must admit that travelling there isn’t my favourite choice as it seems to take ages to get anywhere inside the M25, but the venue was a lovely bar overlooking the river, I even finished a stag do the night before a little earlier that I would have so that I was home in time, this was a wise move and I even got a tip after the gig, which is always pleasing.

In order to get more bookings, I have signed up to a few agencies that cover the London area and I have done a few jobs for them, one was a birthday party for in someone’s back garden where I ended up playing a lot of Jamaican music which lead to a lot of twerking and the use of the hose, even the nan got involved which was very amusing.

The weekend gone by was pretty special, firstly I had to cater for an American Pop party & although my headphones broke just before the start, they still worked and I managed to tape them up.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, as it was an all girls’ affair, I saw lots of cart wheels, I had a lovely message thanking me for my efforts.

The Saturday just gone by (24th June), I made a trip to the south coast for a birthday party in a back garden.  These type of events are always my favourite as they don’t have to finish on time plus I get to use the smoke machine.  I had to make some announcements in a M.A.S.H style as this was the theme of the evening.  What I really liked about this was that I played music by Massive Attack, Jamiroquai & Underworld, I got a lot of good reactions from the songs, especially when I mixed in Robert Miles “Children” after Born Slippy.

It was very sad to hear of Robert Miles passing away last month, he has done a number of good songs, but will always be remembered for the classic Children & as I am now doing live sets from home, I had to include this in one of my mixes, feel free to listen to this.    I’ll be doing more of these and will be uploading them to sound cloud so that you can all download them for free.

My summer gig diary is looking very full and I’ll be squeezing more live Friday night sessions, starting with this week. I know you’ll be tuning in.