Sizzling Summer

September 2016
My plan has been to provide an update every couple of months or so, but it has been a case of “I’ll do it after the next gig”, so apologies to the regular readers of this as I must be a couple of months behind, but I have been busy with plenty of events over the first half of the year.

I took some time off in June to compete in an Ironman event in Nice, sadly I missed the cut off for an official finish time by about 20 minutes, but I did finish it & as the official record states that I was a DNF (did not finish), it means I’ll have to sign up for another one, most likely Weymouth next year.

I have kept a diary of the event which makes an interesting read, if you would like a copy, then do email me and I’ll be happy to send it over.

When I got back from France, I had an 80’s fancy dress party to cater for, Axel Rose, Slash, Big Bird, Superman, Wonder woman and Maradona were in attendance, the dance floor was packed all night and I got some very good feedback, the only downside was my attempt to join in a leaving party which ended up in me walking home in the rain and getting a parking ticket, I have been due one for a while so I can’t complain.

At the end of June, I made my return to Bramley golf club for Amanda (formally known as Mrs. G) and Michaels wedding, the day went very well & I bumped into a friend who I haven’t seen in a while, which is pleasing, I did see some impressive (but possibly embarrassing) dad dancing & the Go Pro Video time lapse came out really well, I love doing this as part of the service

In life, you need a backup plan, so that if the brown stuff hits the fan, you have something to fall back on and I certainly needed my back up plan when I did a recent end of year school prom, I go this on the back of a successful birthday party for one of the parents, but as I arrive and went to reception to make myself known, I had failed to realise my laptop bag wasn’t completely done up and as I made a sharp turn, it fell out of the bag & although the screen wasn’t cracked after I had set up, I couldn’t get it to turn on & although I was a but annoyed at the time (more expenditure), I knew this would be a good time to put into action my plan B which ended up in me using 2 USB sticks with a pre prepared play list, this is the first time I have had to do this & I am pleased that all of the times I have spent that little extra time during my preparation paid off. The irony was that the next day, the computer started up no problem, but this was if anything a good reminder….Always have a backup plan & make sure that it works.

The most recent gig I did was last night at the University of Surrey for the IT summer BBQ, this was a huge success and I handed out a few business cards too plus I have had a lot of compliments today which is rewarding. The event was for the IT staff, but as it was on campus, there were a few people enjoying the music, I even had a “hands in the air” moment when the pace (and volume) went up a notch.

The second half of the year is looking very busy, many of these are my residency at the Railway Pub in London, plus of course it is the wedding season, the next instalment will be sometime in October