Life begins at…

It seems so long ago since my last post, the summer has been filled with the usual selection of weddings and birthdays, this is always a very busy time.  In addition to this, I entered my 5th decade, I feel old typing this, I expect some of you do to.

Anyway, one of things that I have been doing is to get some resident DJ gigs, I have been hunting around, but trying to find something that fits in with the day job (in terms of the commuting distance) has been quite tricky.  However, I am now working at the university of Surrey Campus in a place called Wates House in the Green room.

This venue has an amazing lighting system and the sound can be very loud.  I worked over the moving in weekend and I am there every Thursday in October and November, there have been a lot of obstacles to overcome, but the management team are keen for this to be a regular thing during term time and it has given me the opportunity to get some non-commercial music, I am doing a lot of preparation for these gigs, but the work has been very much worth it.

As a result of the Thursday night regular slot, I haven’t booked in as many Live sessions of Friday, this is because I still haven’t got my Go Pro working with the iPad, (I am keen to do this as it will show a much wider viewing angle), in addition to this, I am thinking of doing these on a Sunday night as more of you would be able to tune in & it will remind of Dance Anthems on Radio 1 which always used to be on a Sunday night.

That’s all for now, more to come in December