Welcome to 2017.

For my NYE gig, I had a woman dancing all night to some 90’s trance and rave music, how she managed to dance for the best part of 4 hours is unknown, but rather enjoyed playing some anthems, when I got back , I put on Dave Pearce doing an “all nighter” & I even got a mention on national radio.
2016 was another great year for me, I had more gigs this year than in any previous years & I am expecting 2017 to be a lot better, my long term ambition is to do this full time as I think I have quite enough of the Monday to Friday world, however, there is a lot still to do before this happens, watch this space for more details. I will be keeping a close eye on a fellow DJ who has quit his day job to do the same (good look DJ Jay Q and thanks for passing on many gigs over the last 12 months)
December was a very busy month for me and the best yet, I had the pleasure of DJing at Penny hill park for Claire & Geoff’s wedding, the event was good although it took me while to get everyone back up dancing after announcing the buffet not long after I started, but I got them back & we ended the night with some real corkers, Claire and Geoff gave me a bottle of champagne with was a very nice gesture and was very much appreciated.
The following weekend, I DJ’d for Jeremy Hunts brother (Jeremy Hunt doesn’t appear to be too popular according to google / social Media), however his brother was very welcoming and made sure I was stocked up with food and beer (I was driving so only had 3 bottles all night, this is the only downside, but is probably for the best). I loved this gig as I finally got to use my smoke machine which looks so good with the laser lights.
Later in the month, I went up to the midlands for Emily’s 21st, this was a fantastic gig in a local pub and the place was packed (until they all left to go to a night club leaving me with Matt and Christian Young who had both had a skinfull, sorry I couldn’t drop you off, but you both had too many balloons)
I also had a surprise 30th to deal with on the 17th of December, how they managed to keep it a secret was beyond me, but all the planning was a success. The venue itself was very unusual because I had to use their sound system which was suspended above the dance floor, it sounded very quiet until you stood on the dance floor, then it was very loud. What seemed strange about this gig was that there were at least 5 very heavily pregnant women present, I guess 30 a typical age where people have children, but it’s like they all went on a girls night out and made a pact!
Over the last 12 months, we have lost a number of hug influences in the world of music, David Bowie and Prince left us last year, as did George MichaeI who has provided me with some great music over the years, many remind me of the great times I have had (Holidays from the 90’s spring to mind), may they all rest in peace.
Trying to pick a favourite event is difficult, but my summer residency at the Railway was particularly enjoyable plus the fancy dress 80’s night in Farnham was very funny especially when big bird realised I was playing the them tune to sesame street as he arrived.
More from me later this year including some DJ mixes on sound cloud and some live FB session.